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What do we do

We are proud to be a part of i-Hub Quantum Technology Foundation

Quantum Transport properties of Nanostructured Materials:

We are mainly interested in the physics and applications of quasi-0D (quantum dots and nanoparticles), 1D (nanowires and nanotubes) and 2D materials (Graphene and monolayer of other materials) and their heterostructures. We study the electronic transport properties under varying temperature, magnetic field and light conditions to understand the

effects of interactions and disorders on the charge transport properties of quantum confined systems.

The knowledge of various scattering mechanisms and interactions among the charge carriers is important not only from the fundamental point of view but also necessary for the design of efficient energy harvesting devices and ultra-sensitive sensors. For fabricating nanodevices, we use conventional lithography techniques such as e-beam and optical lithography and also self-assembly based nanopatterning. These nanodevices then characterized using various electrical (I-V, R-T, C-V, C-f, dI/dV-V, DLTS, 1/f noise etc.), optical (Raman, PL, UV-VIS) and optoelectrical (photo-current, transient photo-voltage) techniques.

Applications of Nanostructured Materials:

We are also interested in tuning material properties at nanometer length scale and apply nanotechnology to solve big problems of 

(i) energy harvesting and storage,

and building

(ii) quantum enhanced ultra-sensitive sensor platform.

Funding support

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